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This is the flavor-packed kick your BBQ needs! We make it with delicious smoked cherries and a variety of peppers; another can't-miss option for your…

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When it comes to chicken wings, you can never go wrong with our Alabama Slammin' Chicken Wing Seasoning! This zesty blend of spices is perfect for an…

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Looking for something to spice up the usual? Our Alabama Slammin' Hot Crispy Herb Oil is a must have in your spice rack! Marinade herb, Oil, Infused,…

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Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Looking for a little zing in your life? Look no further.  Alabama Slammin's Lemon Pepper Seasoning has you covered! This robust blend of  t…

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Looking to add a little bit of flavor to your dish without going overboard on the spice? Then our Alabama Slammin' PoeticSoulChef Mild Seasoning is p…

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Made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, African Jolokia peppers and dried chili peppers, this seasoning is sure to give any dish a spicy kick. It truly IS H…

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Welcome to Alabama Slammin'!

I am the proud owner, food lover, and Master Chef behind Alabama Slammin' seasonings, and I am excited to offer my unique line of seasonings to the world. The Alabama Slammin' brand brings you healthy soulful options for constructing meals that will please every time. It…

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I am pleased to serve as your personal chef.  I prepare amazing meals for private clients in their home kitchens or commercial kitchens dependin…

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Teresa Woods

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